Prof. P Venkateswarulu
M. Sc., Ph.D.
Head, Department of Physics

The department of Engineering Physics is headed by Prof. P Venkateswarulu, He has more than 23 years of teaching experience and published 24 research papers in various national & international journals. There are nine teaching faculty members and three of them have Ph.D degrees in the fields of Nuclear,Solid state physics and Materials Science. Four faculty members are pursuing Ph.D degree in the fields of Crystal growth, Trace element analysis , Spectroscopy & Computational Techniques and Ionosphere and one member is pursuing M.Phil in the field of Solid state physics . The faculty is handling Engineering Physics theory and Lab for all branches of I/IV B.Tech,Applied physics Theory for I/IV ECE,Mechnical, EEE branches. There are two well-equipped Electricity- magnetism and Modern physics - Optics labs with facilities for the entire class of 60 students to carry out experiments independently.

The research work is being carried out in collaboration with Andhra University, Institute of Physics Bhubhaneswar in the fields of

  1. Trace element analysis in geological, biological and medical samples using Particle Induced X - ray Emission technique - IOP Bhubhaneswar and Andhra University.
  2. Structural and electrical properties of ferroelectric materials for pyroelectric and electro-optical applications - Andhra University.

Two faculty members acting as research guides for Ph.D programs.

One faculty member is a principal Investigator for UGC minor research project titled - Effect of various dopents on electrical properties of certain Ferroelectric materials for device applications.